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The arrival of FLANDERS CUT has set higher standards regarding brilliance and has opened up new exciting possibilities for jewelry design.

Top and bottom facets of the FLANDERS CUT

Top and bottom facets of the FLANDERS CUT.

FLANDERS CUT has a total of 61 facets, 33 on top (crown) and 28 at the bottom (pavilion). In order to achieve the absolute brilliance, all the facets has to be positioned in a very precise way. The secret of it’s exceptional brilliance lies in the fact that FLANDERS CUT are always cut in ideal proportions.

FLANDERS CUTDiamond was developed in 1983 and polished for the first time at the end of 1987 in a small diamond polishing factory near Antwerp, the capital of Flanders in the northern region of Belgium. In comparison with the round brilliant, it will take in average 1/3 more time to cut FLANDERS CUTDiamond.

Factory for precision cut in Thailand

Factory for precision cut in Thailand.

FLANDERS CUTColour Stones was developed and put into production by gemologist Mats Rundgren in 2004. First introduced at the jewellery show “UrVackra” in Stockholm, february 2005. Later presented at the Basel show, april 2005 and at the JCK show in Las Vegas, june 2005. FLANDERS CUTColour Stones is a precision cut that meets the highest standards. The cutting time is 4—5 times longer than for a gemstone of standard quality.

FLANDERS CUT written guarantee of quality

Every FLANDERS CUT gemstone comes with a written guarantee of quality.

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